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Publisher's description

SumRando is a VPN service that enables you to navigate the Internet safely and securely. The program allows you to hide your real IP address, to choose from various proxy servers from all over the world and to unblock websites that have location restrictions.

Latest comments

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    john Last year

    This is a high profile software. It is very good and your protection is full each time you make use of it.

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    BananaStand 2 years ago

    I've been using SumRando for several months now. They're just in beta and so you can only get 10 GB/month, but as far as speed goes, they've been fantastic. And hey, it's free, so I really have nothing negative to say about them!

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      Guest 8 months ago

      Hello, BananaStand. The Sumrando web site says 1 Gig is free, but you are saying that 10 Gigs a month is free?